Latest diskcrash: 120115

120115 but I was lucky, it wasn't the 'production' machine, it was my spare. One of these days I'll set up new spare, I've got stuff in my cellar. Hehe...

100829 Last time the hardware gave up on me I installed an extra copy of the system on one of my spare machines. Very nice to have when the disk died. On top of that the spare showed itself to be a 2GHz. Feeling a bit quicker, no surprise. Nice!

090726 Welcome to the flying Coppermine! Development at this site goes backward, the server downgraded fromAMD 64, 2GHz to i686, 1.8 GHz and then to Pentium III, 800 MHz. Cheap (~50 Euro) and efficient (not much slower than before :).
The content hasn't improved at all.

There are two spare machines waiting backstage, (same yesterday's technology) if this one blows up.

Thanks to the Ubuntu people for offering such a nice OS for backward older people like me!
I meant to go with Gentoo but they don't support anything older than P4 so it was a relief to find the Kubuntu Jackalope 9.04 for i386!

090310 Ooops! My laptop went gaga! I've no idea what the fault is and I don't intend to investigate. I'll find some oldies to replace it. It will take some time before I can find the energy to do it though...

081201 My previous server seems to be beyond repair.
Too bad, it was an AMD64 and very fast when compiling.
Now I'm using my old Compac n810 laptop as server. It has been a loyal companion for a long time and the LCD is top notch. Not much of a server one might think...
Well, the material is up to date anyway.

I'm thinking of buying some old PC;s for about $100+ and using them for webservers. Cheap to replace and adequate for the load, We'll see...

A blog, sort of... It's a slofox. I update sometimes but very few are reading. Well, it doesn't hurt me :)

Last update 2012-06-04
my mental wanderings tended to shove the fixed subjects down so they were lost in history... I shuffled them around. Feels a lot better.

There are references to wztooltip by Walter Zorn here and there.
He's stopped supporting the script, there exists many other doing the same thing on the Internet.

Life and images




Mental wanderings

2014-07-29. Whew! I lost my site when changing hardware and my backup wasn't exactly current. Well nobody will miss the missing data so I just go on. I lost a good partner today at my workplace. She moved on for different reasons. We had a really good relationship, very constructive and effective cooperation and I learned a good deal more about the administration and management here. I had really tried hard to make her come over to us and she seemed to like it here. I'll miss her. What's left sucks. As a direct result I applied for my retirement.

2012-08-26. Exploring anonymity servers to see if I can escape the *!%&ยค#? services I always have to interact with, connecting to Google. They tries to adapt what they serve to my interests, language and country. I don't want that. They intrude on my freedom. Tailor the advertising, I can stand that but not the intrusion into my search results. Let the limit be chinese and such. It's good, not to have to wade amongst chinese pages. Bur let's stop there. Later they can let these pages through, and thai, and sanskrit, when we can trust their automatic translation, which we eventually may.

2012-08-25. Doing other things nowadays... E-publishing and statistics in that area. So I finished an extraction of data from the publishing database via my own application, tailored for that purpose, some scripting and general fiddling around made it possible to create 111 spreadsheets, meant to be sent to as many customers illustrating their scientific production during the last two years plus what's passed under the bridge of this year. Most satisfying, That's one side of this matter. The other is: does it matter? A whole range of philosophical issues arise when touching this subject. I'll abstain from adressing them as of now. I won't mar the satisfaction my work and the time i took me. I hereby postpone reality to toworrow.

"It's free and always will be" (facebook)
Well, hell always is too...

Google Chrome is by far the fastest browser... Methinks this is correct. On the other hand
they seem to me more and more "where do you want to go today?"-like
Methinks this is not right. It's shareholders...

Well, anyway, they're right about the speed. Chrome(ium) is the fastest browser there is and do you know why!?. Well read about it here and you'll see, they're not joking:
Interesting stuff!

Some say I have a problem with Windows. This is not correct. I just delete the installation and then install kubuntu 12.10 LTS. (Yeah, I know I ought to run Gentoo. I did for some years, but man, I got to work too, not just compile packets!) Then I have no problem with Windows. I do not have a Windows problem since I don't use it. I do not have any ethical problems either. That's the main point!

I do have a problem with my earlier life, though. I'm getting a bit nostalgic. What will get my eyes all watery is the site
being an old employee: Data General employee no 16392.

...small tumbnails are fast, big are ... well, big!
Sometimes the smaller pics are bigger than the big ones. Confusing, but so is life.
There are some notes concerning this website to the left.
As you might notice, the site is under construction. And I'm lazy...

2012-04-28. I logged in to my facebook profiles today and they sucked royally.
I probably have a social problem,
I feel an antipathy, can't explain why...
What seemed enticing yesterday make me throw-uppity today!?

2012-04-28. I feel that a bit of digitizing could be healthy. Not long ago I bought a book from Oak Knoll Books,
310 Delaware Street New Castle, DE 19720 USA.This book was a bit special, it was a reference work on the production of Max Klinger (or oevre of Max Klinger). Now, this book is printed 1909 by a certain German publisher, and sold as such by Oak Knoll Books. On arrival it turned out to be a xeroxed copy of a book printed 1909 and that is not the same thing as the real thing, is it? No, I didn't think so. Not at $95. I will digitize this book (it will be most satisfactorily done), referring to this scam by Oak Knoll Books and publish it on line.
If I think you could buy things from them? Well, I'd be really cautious, they seem to have a moral deficiency or something...
To be honest they published photographs of the book's outside, but I really, really do not think
this is enough, seeing what's inside.

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